Where Supply Chain Meets Revenue Excellence

ORX's AI platform offers a comprehensive approach to managing OR supply chain and revenue. From proactive OR margin control to AI-driven revenue protection and accelerated billing, ORX is the all in-one solution for healthcare providers aiming for operational and revenue cycle excellence.

A streamlined and automated process

What we do

Empowering healthcare providers to achieve operational and financial excellence through intelligent supply chain management and revenue optimization.

Optimize OR Margins
by proactively predicting supply usage, including new products, by managing vendors.
Eliminate Revenue Leakage
by identifying and flagging missing charges using advanced AI algorithms.
Accelerate Claims Submission
by coordinating vendor implant invoicing within 24 hours to complete the claim, through our multi-sided platform.
Industry Facts

On average 50 new products enter the OR each day. Leading to miscoding and dropped charges

Why we’re different
Select ORX to maximize revenue capture for OR supplies through:
Proactive Product Management
While most Health IT systems react to supply chain issues, ORX predicts device usage and estimates during scheduling by engaging vendors. At the point of care, ORX employs intelligent image recognition to collect critical device information usually missing. This guarantees unparalleled tracking and billing of every supply item.
AI-Driven Charge Recovery
Unlike traditional systems that rely on manual audits, ORX employs advanced AI algorithms to collect missing supply chain data and flag missing charges at the transaction level, offering a more robust and efficient way to stop revenue leakage.
Rapid Invoice Generation
Time is money in healthcare. ORX sets itself apart by ensuring thatRevenue Cycle Management teams receive vendor implant invoices within 24 hours post-case, significantly accelerating the billing process.

By the Numbers

The Real Impact of Healthcare Challenges

Complete surgery

Built-in implantable medical device (IMP) inventory allows vendors to quickly process which surgical implants were used.


Log implants and charges

Reduce redundant paperwork with automated charge sheets and invoices, consistently and conveniently created all in one place.


Submit claim and generate PO

Effortless and secure communication between the facility, vendor, and payer with seamless digital claims submission and PO generation.


Invoice facility

Vendors can submit invoices based on each surgery quickly and efficiently, often before they even leave the facility.


Get reimbursed

Optimize cash-flow with improved charge capture accuracy and billing efficiency, so you always get paid on time, every time.


For medical vendors

For healthcare facilities

Vendor-friendly design

Access ORX on a mobile device and follow a simple, step-by-step process to submit a standardized invoice.

Improved charge accuracy

By indexing surgical procedures to implants, ORX reduces pricing compliance issues, enabling a more timely, accurate, and complete surgical charge capture.

Built-in implant pricing

Implantable medical device (IMP) prices are built-in, simplifying, automating, and expediting PO requisitions and invoice payments.

Reduced charge lag time

Improved invoice submission speed, billing all materials within 24 hours of the procedure, often before the rep leaves the facility.

Automated notifications

Warnings for FDA device recalls, off-contract device use, and expiring inventory are all sent through the app.

Optimized invoice processing

Increased efficiency means decreased days to bill, age of accounts receivable, and increased charge revenue.

Don't leave money on the operating table.

Let ORX maximaze your margins and revenue.

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