Capture revenue from your bill-only implantable vendors.

We’re an easy button for capturing your most expensive surgical specialties supply charges by automating your bill-only supply chain with no risk, no integrations and no changes to your workflow.

A streamlined and automated process

An automated bill-only surgical supply charge capture process
Log implants and charges
Reduce redundant error prone paperwork for implants. Give your clinical staff a break and have reps capture surgical implant charges and the bill of delivered goods all in one place.
Issue PO and charges
Secure end-to-end handling of the bill of delivered goods, purchase order, and invoice means you never miss a supply charge again.
Invoice same-day of surgery
Submit a claim with a manufacturer invoice the day of surgery with auto-populated fields unique to each facility contract.
Get reimbursed
Keep track of implant charges, reimbursements, and invoices for payer contract negotiations and audits.
For medical vendors
Speedy PO
Follow a simple, step-by-step process to get a purchase order on the same day of surgery.
Built-in implant pricing
Implantable medical device (IMD) prices are built-in to expedite PO issuing process for your field sales representatives.
Same-day invoicing
Submit invoices the day of surgery with auto-populated fields unique to each facility contract.
For healthcare facilities
Improved charge accuracy
ORX reduces pricing compliance issues, enabling a more accurate surgical charge capture by eliminating overcharging and revenue leakage.
Reduced billing lag time
Vendor invoices within 24 hours of the procedure means money in the facility’s pocket and faster reimbursements on implant claims.
Automatic 3-way match
ORX keeps the bill of delivered goods, PO, and the vendor invoice all as one ‘bill’ locked in our system, which automatically completes the 3-way match.

Standardized, secure and simple

Improve vendor coordination and stop revenue leakage by avoiding off-contract use and charge accuracy issues.

Earn money from vendors

Receive a streamlined bill of delivered goods and manufacturer invoice same-day, while earning money from vendors for issuing same-day purchase orders.

No Health IT integrations needed

ORX sets up facility user accounts, uploads vendor contracts, and onboards and trains vendors prior to implementation.

No patient information held

ORX holds no ePHI, simplifying the process while keeping patient information squarely in the hands of providers instead of reps.

No lags in communication

Securely and safely send critical information between the physician’s office, vendor, OR, and SPD.

Complete surgery

Built-in implantable medical device (IMP) inventory allows vendors to quickly process which surgical implants were used.


Log implants and charges

Reduce redundant paperwork with automated charge sheets and invoices, consistently and conveniently created all in one place.


Submit claim and generate PO

Effortless and secure communication between the facility, vendor, and payer with seamless digital claims submission and PO generation.


Invoice facility

Vendors can submit invoices based on each surgery quickly and efficiently, often before they even leave the facility.


Get reimbursed

Optimize cash-flow with improved charge capture accuracy and billing efficiency, so you always get paid on time, every time.


For medical vendors

For healthcare facilities

Vendor-friendly design

Access ORX on a mobile device and follow a simple, step-by-step process to submit a standardized invoice.

Improved charge accuracy

By indexing surgical procedures to implants, ORX reduces pricing compliance issues, enabling a more timely, accurate, and complete surgical charge capture.

Built-in implant pricing

Implantable medical device (IMP) prices are built-in, simplifying, automating, and expediting PO requisitions and invoice payments.

Reduced charge lag time

Improved invoice submission speed, billing all materials within 24 hours of the procedure, often before the rep leaves the facility.

Automated notifications

Warnings for FDA device recalls, off-contract device use, and expiring inventory are all sent through the app.

Optimized invoice processing

Increased efficiency means decreased days to bill, age of accounts receivable, and increased charge revenue.

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