Systems of Record v. Systems of Engagement

Systems of Record v. Systems of Engagement
Systems of Record v. Systems of Engagement 

How both information systems work and interact and why they matter for modern healthcare operations and billing systems


What is a system of record (SoR)?

A system of record is an information system that acts as a shared reference point for an organization. They’re an authoritative resource, protecting against inconsistencies when data is processed by multiple people or departments. The most common systems of record are enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Systems of record are centralized, and have to be managed by IT teams

What is a system of engagement (SoE)?

Systems of engagement are the programs and applications that frontline workers interact with daily. From audits to materials and inventory management, to billing, SoE applications focus on operational issues and are designed with the frontline teams in mind. SoEs are integrated with SoRs, creating a seamless connection between frontline teams and hospital administration. Systems of engagement are decentralized and built for frontline teams.

Integrating both information systems

Systems of engagement provide significantly more control over the processes that matter to frontline healthcare workers, making it easier and faster to collect relevant data and generate insights. Integrating SoRs with SoEs facilitates:

  • Fewer operational silos
  • Fewer data discrepancies
  • Better frontline user experience
  • Less money spent on SoR customization

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