4 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Surgical Implant Billing Solution for ASCs

4 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Surgical Implant Billing Solution for ASCs

Cloud-based computing, a concept that has been around since the mid-90s, delivers on-demand services over the Internet. Cloud-based technology is transforming how healthcare providers and hospital networks,  including ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), deliver patient care, equip their staff, meet regulatory requirements, improve efficiencies, and reduce operational and financial waste. 

Here are 4 of the many benefits that hospital networks and ambulatory surgery centers can gain by migrating their digital operations from on-site computing and data storage to a cloud-based solution, without compromising on critical infrastructure and data security.

Strengthened collaboration with cloud-based solutions

Within most ASCs, seamless communication and collaboration amongst internal teams, as well as with external partners, such as a medical device rep or a revenue cycle management company is critical. A cloud-based surgical implant billing solution enables any authorized team members or external partners to access the patient documentation that they need and be able to work on it without all the hassle of manual, paper-based processes, which are labor and time intensive. For example, a medical device rep sends an automated invoice to a facilities billing team that can enable individuals within that team to view, edit, and respond to that invoice in real-time within the secure, cloud-based software, without compromising data integrity and HIPAA compliance. 

This real-time collaboration eliminates multiple versions of a document, thereby avoiding potential errors, and reducing potential delays of payment or reimbursement to the ASC network or facility. 


A solution that’s built to scale

Regulatory and market trends continue to increase surgical volume toward ambulatory surgery centers. If an ASC plans to grow their operations and increase revenue in the future, having a robust, cloud-based computing solution that not only enables seamless surgical implant billing, but also helps with inventory and supply chain management, and optimizes its cash conversion cycle. This gives ASCs the flexibility to adjust their budget for the amount of cloud-based services and resources that they actually need and use, and they can adjust this based on how their center's needs evolve at any given point without having to make substantial, additional investments in software and hardware.

With a cloud-based surgical implant billing software, you can scale on features including storage, memory, CPU cores, bandwidth, user accounts, and the kinds of applications your center actually uses and needs. 

Never compromise on security

It is vital for ASCs to maintain the highest levels of cybersecurity, since the healthcare industry remains highly targeted by cybercriminals. But, in order to stay on top of this ever-increasing problem, surgical centers need to ensure that they’re consistently identifying and making improvements to vulnerabilities within their software. This can be challenging, as it may require heavy investments in cybersecurity contracting and licensing software. 

A cloud-based surgical implant billing and inventory management solution strengthens your data defenses and security by providing a combination of services for ASCs and healthcare networks, such as risk management, ongoing monitoring, regular security audits, and many other resources that support and enable ASCs to better protect their data from external and internal threats.

Reduce costs with a cloud-based solution 

Depending on the solution and feature sets an ASC selects, a cloud-based surgical implant billing software can be an effective way of reducing expenses and charge capture errors, while also increasing revenue through a smarter cash conversion cycle.  By avoiding a hefty, upfront cost of owning and maintaining your own IT infrastructure, you’re able to pay for what you actually use, instead. These cost savings can add up and really boost the bottom line of an ASC, especially considering the substantial investments required for purchasing or upgrading outdated technology as a surgical center grows. 

Migrating from manual, paper-based solutions to a cloud-based software enables growing ASCs to transform their surgical implant billing processes and workflows without compromising on data security, their ability to collaborate with internal and external partners, scaling their operations, and optimizing their financials. 

To learn more about the benefits of automating surgical implant billing and invoicing at your Ambulatory Surgical Center, contact us for more information.